Graphic Design


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Waste doesn't simply disappear, it has been dumped and carefully hidden in numerous places over time. Today, these 'landfills' have often been transformed into functional landscapes, that can barely be recognised as waste dump.

 'DUTCH WASTESCAPES' puts these extraordinary places in the Dutch landscape on the map. The publication shows the new landscape made of waste on the one side and the past hiding underneath on the other. A 'wastescape' is a mirror, showing how we deal with our waste and the world in which we live.

Map of the former Dutch landfills.

Artist statement

Chris Boender is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Rotterdam. With a concept focused and editorial approach he is working on a wide variety of projects.


In the future I would like to gain experience working at several design studio’s, after which I want to expand my own practice.

Learned during the studies

Studying in a creative environment like the HKU gave me the opportunity to explore my own talents and ambitions. It made me to the versatile designer I am today.


– BA in Graphic Design, University of the Arts Utrecht

– MBO Art & Design, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

– Freelance Graphic Designer

– Member of the student jury for The Best Dutch Book Designs 2021
Intern at Koehorst in 't Veld