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"DUSK" is my debut album under my artist name "maas_vg". A body of music finding itself tipping on the boundaries of pop music, pulling its inspiration from avant-garde - alternative electronic music, purposely characterising as neither of the two.

Artist statement

Combining digital and physical techniques, with sample modulation and heavy distortion, I lay a foundation for duduk-like saxophone playing, intimate lyricism and harsh vocals, to create a sound that often lies somewhere between experimental pop and progressive metal, but is not necessarily bound to a genre.


I want to create an artist profile for myself that allows space to record my own music and play live shows, meet parts of the creative world I'm not familiar with and ultimately see myself free from standards in creation as to express myself in a way that can inspire and move people.

In a few years I want to have a platform with varying outputs like (audio) production, performance and composition through which I can reach and collaborate with people to keep enabling creative growth. I believe the greatest sounds, or art in general, will always be from tomorrow, taking notes from the past to dive head-first into uncertainty. WoOOO-HOOO here we go bb

My debut album is coming oh so soon and I'm only getting excited to make much more.

Learned during the studies

One of the most important things I learned at HKU is that you can learn vastly different things just by doing them. As soon as you're introduced to something, you're no longer a stranger to the discipline and can start learning and contibrute with your own set of accumulated skills.