Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

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I see my graduation work as an exhibition where all pieces form a cohesive whole but can also be viewed individually. You will find works made out of ceramic, wood, and textiles, alongside drawings on paper and stencil-printed works on fabric. At first glance, it may appear as a colorful and sweet world, but nothing is as it seems. My work contains symbols that reference autobiographical stories about my experiences as a woman in society. With my graduation work, I aim to challenge stereotypical images and taboos about woman ik society. Most of all, I want to celebrate the power of feminity

Artist statement

Renske (22) is a multidisciplinary artist who operates in the thin lines between the two and three-dimensional planes. She creates colored pencil drawings on paper, ceramic pieces, and sculptures made from materials such as wood and textile. These works can stand on their own or form an installation, where she utilizes space as part of her artwork. You'll see walls in a room where hair grows out of and drawings that extend beyond the fixed boundaries of paper.

At first glance, her works exude a charming and cheerful atmosphere through the use of pastel colors, the softness of the textile, and the incorporation of shapes and elements that might be perceived as 'too sweet' or 'too feminine' in society. Elements such as the uterus, the color pink and flowers.

However, upon closer inspection, her works reveal an underlying form of symbolism, envy, sensuality, and activism. Everyday scenes and objects blend into a world where societal themes subtly occupy space, inviting viewers to look beyond the surface. She creates her own symbols that recur in her work. You'll see a menstruating flower, a nipple dripping with breast milk and a cucumber finger being sliced into pieces. These symbols are nourished by a deep dive into her personal life. Her work begins from a biographical story, a memory of the past. These memories serve as a source of inspiration, as a framework for her work.

Symbols like heels and fingers refer to how she has experienced 'being a woman' in society. The strength of her work seems to lie in how personally she presents her work yet manages to maintain a certain openness and ambiguity. She creates playful spaces; the longer you look, the more you see.


In the next five years, I aim to connect with other artists and develop my work in my own studio. Participating in residencies ar the key to challenging my artistic practice and sharing ideas.

I’ve applied to Kunstpodium T and 37PK to further my art and join their communities.

I’ve been deeply interested in the role of autobiographical stories and symbols in my work. Questions such as "How can I use art to share my experiences and encourage the audience to think about broader social issues?" are ones I am eager to explore. As a feminist, I want my art to encourage deeper thinking beyond first impressions. This marks the start of my journey as an artist. I'm excited about the challenges and discoveries ahead.

I also plan to exhibit my work more, gathering feedback and refining my message while maintaining openness. Group exhibitions interest me for the way different works communicate and interact.

Learned during the studies

As a soon-to-be Fine Arts graduate student at HKU, I have learned the value of being in touch with other artists. In, among others, the studio spaces at the academy, where daily conversations with peers and teachers took place, I discovered the vital role collaborations play in inspiring one another, sharing diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences. My internships at Wessel Verrijt (EKWC) and Caz Egelie (TAC Eindhoven) only deepened this understanding and gave me a lot of energy.

I have realized that drawing is a medium with endless possibilities, and it deserves more attention in the art world. My interest in working with various mediums has also grown, and I have had the opportunity to explore many of them.
I discovered that I really enjoy making sculptures and working in different medium

But the most important thing that I have learned: ENJOY IT!! Studying at an art academy can be stressful sometimes. Now, when I realise the end approaches, I find myself thinking more often about how I should have stressed less and enjoyed my time at the academy more. The people and the place are all unique and very valuable. I will greatly miss this vibrant environment. Art is an incredibly beautiful field that I am proud of, and the pride that was present at the academy is something I will carry with me forever.

Later wil ik net zo worden als haar.

Een menstruerende bloem, kronkelende haren die groeien uit een been, een tepel
waaruit moedermelk drupt en een vinger gesneden uit een stuk hout. Het zijn
symbolen gevoed door een diepe duik in mijn persoonlijke leven. Mijn werk begint
vanuit een autobiografisch verhaal, een herinnering aan vroeger. Deze herinneringen
dienen als een bron van inspiratie, als een raamwerk voor mijn werk.

In dit onderzoeksverslag wil ik uitgebreider gaan onderzoeken hoe autobiografische
verhalen terug komen in mijn werk en welke symbolen een centrale rol spelen in
het versterken van mijn context binnen mijn praktijk. Door het analyseren, ontleden
en bevragen van autobiografische teksten wil ik een dieper inzicht krijgen in de
complexe relatie tussen mijn persoonlijke ervaringen, mijn kunstpraktijk en de
verwachtingen binnen de maatschappij over het geconstrueerde beeld van de vrouw