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Grown Up

Dirk Lemmers
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Graduation film 'Grown Up'

Dirk Lemmers
Film by: Dirk, Brent and Maarten

About the project

In youth, we want nothing more than to grow up - and as an adult, we often long to regain our youth. The appreciation for wonder and imagination comes to us the moment we think we have lost it. However, losing our imagination does not have to be a condition of growing up. With 'Grown Up' we wanted to depict a situation in which a child makes childish assumptions of what it takes to grow up, trying to lose things that he ultimately does not want to lose.

With this project we (Brent, Dirk and Maarten) created a joint animation project in which both our individual specialisations and our close cooperation would be prevalent. In recent years we have developed our own style and workflow during our many joint projects and the results of these years of cooperation are embedded in this film. 

Teaser for 'Grown Up'

After having his birthday, a boy decides he is finally grown up. Toys and imagination, those are for little kids. He puts away his toys and goes to bed, pleased with this important milestone. However, much to his frustration he awakes in his dream world that same night. Irritated, he embarks on his journey home.

Artist Statement

When you read a book you have to imagine everything yourself. When you see a live-action movie everything gets visualized for you. Animation is the best of both worlds in my opinion. A stylized reality that still leaves room for the audience's own interpretation, but at the same time gives the creator an opportunity to visually guide the viewer.

With character animation I try to be the link between the story and the audience. A character animation offers someone something familiar in an abstracted world. Something human to attach to. I’m not trying to be perfectly realistic, I’m trying to be effective. To me it’s about the acting being believable and clear. It's about conveying a feeling to those who see it.

Character Animation
A few shots I animated for our upcoming film