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Did I Spill the Wine?

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In this visual essay I will be exploring the role of the graphic designer as an author, a subject that is personally close to me and I had many questions about when starting out the research for this project, and although it has been an enlightening journey, I still do.
By reflecting on various texts that cover themes such as authorship, research and the chosen division (or overlap) between the personal and the professional aspects of graphic design and authorship, this essay presents a variety of opinions, ideologies and ideas on the matter.
The range of concepts presented aims to provide a basis for new questions to be asked and hopefully illuminates different ways in which a graphic designer might perceive the broad concepts surrounding authorship in relation to their professional and / or personal practice.

Artist statement

Having two cultural backgrounds left me curious on how various (and frequently contradictory) interpretations of reality, truth and values come to form:
By assembling visual research and written material, I aim to translate multiple ways of interpreting an ever-changing perspective.


After HKU, I hope to find a job where there are opportunities to grow in editorial design, writing, research and/or curating. After a bit of a break from my studies, I'd like to continue learning and do a Master's degree; I hope to find (and be accepted for) one that has a focus on artistic research, but also leaves room for me to develop my design practice.

Learned during the studies

Just start with an idea. It's a cliché, but it works every time. Not happy with what came out? Try something new; a technique, a place, a time or anything you can change.
The opportunity to work on large group projects has also taught me a lot about teamwork, mutual effort and dedication, especially during Covid. And while a computer with an internet connection was essential during covid, I'm glad I found space to work analogue and explore that way of working.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Publication: 'ABRI magazine' (a HKU project) 2020
Exhibition: 'Voor 50' Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2022 (During my internship, I participated in the curation process of the graphic design selection at display)
Publication: 'Re-Writing Home' 2024
Publication: 'Did I Spill The Wine?' 2024

Re-writing Home

This visual essay explores the complex interplay of language, culture, and identity through the lens of my personal role as a designer, whose upbringing was bilingual. Reflecting on experiences living ‘abroad’ both in Poland and the Netherlands, I try to grasp the concept of home and the role of language in shaping a sense of belonging. Central to the narrative is the significance of a multilingual dictionary, symbolising the confluence of languages and cultures.