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I am the youngest child of Vietnamese immigrants who fled to The Netherlands. My family outside my parents and sister had remained distant to me, living either in Vietnam or The United States. Growing up without other Vietnamese around, I became acquainted with my heritage mainly through my mother and father. Thanks to this project, I was able to understand more about my relatives by exploring archives and traveling. With my project "đi ra!" (Get out!), I am delving into the depths of my past to confront my childhood traumas and come to terms with my identity and family.

Artist statement

I make my work through photography and video. My pieces are generated by utilising archival material together with candid frames. I'm especially interested in exploring issues of identity and social matters.

Making art is a way for me to bring structure to my ideas, explore myself more deeply, and uncover answers. Documentaries and films often serve as a source of inspiration in this process.

Growing up, I often had to grapple with who I was and where I belonged. I felt unable to explore the issue deeply due to social pressures and the kind of life I was raised in.
My parents wanted me to fit into Dutch society, but that came at a cost: my connection to Vietnam and its language and culture.
As I grew older, I began to realise how close yet distant I am from what my parents aspired me to become—neither Vietnamese nor Dutch.
People often asked me “What are you actually?” which became so common that it no longer made an impression on me.


At this moment, I am driven to create balance in my life, both mentally and spiritually. My hope is to repair broken relationships and become a more complete individual.

Learned during the studies

The biggest lesson I have learned from my studies is the ability to express myself better. This has been a tremendous help in my own personal development.