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Demigothic is a tense, gothic horror 2D fighter-boss battle hybrid. You partake in 1v1 PvP fights to the death, and when your health is low, your hunter gains the ability to turn into a monster. The lower your health bar at the moment of your transformation, the more health your character will have in monster form. There are no lifebars: instead, you have to roughly guess the fighters' health based on visual cues. This instills a terrifying sense of uncertainty as you face the imposing beasts.

Artist statement

My main priority is to make banger games. At first, I thought that meant that I would be making a lot of great art. But nowadays, it seems that my job is mostly figuring out ways to make as little art as possible. I strive to create art that is human and packs a punch, but still allows indie and solo devs to develop great games smoothly and iterate quickly. Lo spec art, tech art and pipelines are my home turf.


I am currently working as an artist for a startup, but I hope to one day be able to sustain myself with just my own games. For that I wish to gradually build a community for the games I am making. I hope my first big solo project, Demigothic, will get a dedicated fanbase and let me live off what I love.

Learned during the studies

More than any specific lesson, I am grateful to HKU for the opportunities it has given me. I became an artist for Kami Games thanks to school contacts, and Demigothic originally started as homework for a seminar with Dion Koster from Team Reptile. Most of what I learned about tech art and pipelines I learned by experimenting at Kami Games, and Dion's seminar helped me learn how to make MVPs and iterate quickly. I wouldn't be where I am now without those projects.