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De Nieuwe Binnenweg

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video-Installation, 11 minutes

The Nieuwe Binnenweg is a long, lively street in the center of Rotterdam.
This work is an exploration of different experiences from people who reside in this street and often do not know eachother. What does this urban environment do to the way they experience and appreciate their street and home? In what way do their experiences differ from each other and how do they overlap?
During this project I got to know the Nieuwe Binnenweg, which I visit almost every day, through the eyes of its residents.

Project by Neele Schlette
Sound Design by Youssef el Fassi
visit my website to see the video-installation:
This map was created as part of the “De Nieuwe Binnenweg” project. Here you can read quotes from residents of the street about certain locations.

Artist statement

In my works I try to explore the relation between the physicality of everyday things (e.g. a place or an object) and an invisible phenomenon that these things carry with them.
Often I am incorporating experiences of others (and sometimes myself). I explore these relationships from different angles; symbolic, factual, subjective and visual.
With this artistic exploration I am aiming to puzzle different realities of the object/place in question together, in a final work.


In the future I would like to do social and investigative projects from locations. With these kind of projects I will aim to grasp and provide a wider sense of awareness about what exactly makes and shapes our surroundings, and how our surroundings make and shape us.

Learned during the studies

During my studies at the art academies in Rotterdam, Maastricht and Utrecht I had many art assignments in which I could work freely. The space for experiment and the supervision of teachers gave me a feeling for how I want to make work.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2018 - Taboo 010, Empty space, Rotterdam
2019 - Observations Art exhibition, Cinerama Filmtheater, Rotterdam
2019 - Lessons of Nature, Educatorium Universiteit, Utrecht
2020 - Objects as a Looking glass, NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam
2021 - Gebroken Grond, Sphinx Passage, Maastricht
2021 - We are Rare, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
2022 - De Nieuwe Binnenweg, Wijkpaleis, Rotterdam