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De haan roept en ze besluiten dat het goed is

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installatie in samenspeling met een kippenkoor

Artist statement

In my practice I attempt to place reoccurring imagery and possible architypes shaped by personal understanding of fictional elements found in religious texts, Slavic folklore, without an institutional reading of it. It is rather influenced by a personal resonance with it. In the end it is all placed by me at a specific moment of genuine understanding, which is temporarily, though I am allowing the temporality of the resonance with a brief truth. Allowing the brief naivety of an inner child like state. Elements and understandings are linked with each other with an almost dream like fiber.



Learned during the studies


List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

PEEK, 2021
expositie Carwash Utrecht, 'Washed away' - 2021
expositie Galerie Larik i.s.m. Witte Van Hulzen en Sander Breure - 2021
expositie Academie Galerie, Conference of the birds - 2022
expositie Academie Galerie, TRAILER - 2023

De haan roept en ze oogsten het gemis