Duurzaamheid en circulariteit
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De Graafmachine

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Dit jaar ben ik een nieuwe artiestennaam gestart om te onderzoeken of het voor mij werkt om me middels die artiestnaam te beperken tot het maken van een genre. Daarbij onderzoek ik of het lukt om een artiest te laten groeien en een verwachtingspatroon te creëren voor luisteraars als deze zich beperkt tot een genre.
Opgegraven: Rapture. TikTok/Insta Reels/YT shorts series where I dig up forgotten music
De Graafmachine - The Plant
Opgegraven: Greyhound. TikTok/Insta Reels/YT shorts series where I dig up forgotten music
De Graafmachine - Energy

Artist statement

I recently started the artist De Graafmachine under which I’m planning to release energetic, accessible, uptempo, vocal driven, tech house/techno tracks. De Graafmachine (excavator) stands for digging and that’s what I want to do with my music, taking people on a journey to digging a bit deeper into genres, sounds or nostalgic vibes while still being entertained. De Graafmachine also has associations with nature, soil and making space for new plants to grow. I want De Graafmachine to support and express green choices.


In five years, I see myself releasing music, playing that music at festivals and venues, inspiring people with my music, but also music that I find and people have forgotten about or never come across.

Learned during the studies

I learned a lot about making music; through taking school courses, but mostly from classmates that found a new technique, or showed how they had worked for years. I learned for myself what collaborating yields, that it brings new ideas to a higher level, that making music instantly gets rewarded because you're sharing it with someone. Another thing I learned studying at HKU, is feedback. That's something HKU tends to focus a lot on, in all forms and shapes. It's useful to learn how to give and receive feedback, but even more important maybe to filter feedback on what's actually useful at that point.