Privacy en ethiek

De Digitale Stad

Monique Wal
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The internet can be a dangerous place. We hear this all the time, but exactly how does the internet change our decisions and opinions? For years I have been interested in how much power social media has over its users. 

This is why in my graduation project I set out to discover different ways the internet can change people’s minds. How does the amount of moderation and content on a platform influence the behaviour of its user base? In three booklets, I explore different sides of the internet.

In overly moderated spaces, people hand in personal privacy for a platform that brings them joy. But if the user isn’t careful, they get put into a filter bubble. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a space where platforms aren’t moderated at all. Which seems like a safe haven from data spying sadly becomes a refuge for illegal content and extremists philosophies.