Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

De Breibel

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What happens when you treat a craft as if it is a religion? De Breibel is an illustrated bible in which knitting is seen as the highest religion. Using simple illustrations (because the bible is already complicated enough) the readers enters a new religion; we honor the Sheep and fear the moth, we pray to one of the Beschermbreiligen, or test our devotion by following the 10 Gebreiden. Using references to Christian art history and religious images, De Breibel raises the question of the importance of not only knitting, but craftsmanship in general and how this affects society and individuals.

Artist statement

My work consists of playful, bold shapes and lots of primary colors. I like working with my hands using techniques such as painting, woodcutting, screenprinting, ceramics, riso printing, and making collages. In my work I try to always keep a feeling of something handmade. Since my work is quite simple, I always try to keep in mistakes, accidents, or for example a composition that feels just a bit off. I like that this makes my work feel handmade and keeps the illustration interesting.

I collect various things that give me inspiration such as stamps, packaging, coasters, old national geographic magazines, old books, vintage boardgames, and i have a huge collection of postcards. Aside from that I like to take inspiration from art history and textiles. Especially crafts such as knitting and sewing (along with their histories) have a big influence in my work. Whenever I'm not drawing, these kinds of activities allow me to express my creativity in a way that is different from illustrating or painting.


In five years I hope to be a self-employed illustrator, mainly doing autonomous work such as painting and printmaking and selling these. Alongside that, I'd love to find a job in a printmaking studio, so I can continue working with my hands and develop and learn more techniques.

Learned during the studies

The main thing I have learned during this study is that there is always a subject worth researching. In the first years I often was not sure about what to base my projects on, I don't see myself as an artist that makes work based on activism or 'big' opinions. Learning to look to the small things and using those as inspiration has been a big learning moment in my study, I am now much more able to use my personal interests in my projects, even if they are not 'big'.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2023 - Solo Exhibition 'Fruit Person' at KEEK Utrecht
2022 - Illustration Ladies Amsterdam at OKO Cafe Amsterdam
2021 - PLAKBAND by MidWest Amsterdam
2021 - HKU SALON Student Exhibition

2021 - NRC Media Editorial Internship

2019 - Illustration x Utrechtse Boekenbar
2018 - Exhibition ‘Komt dat zine' at Huis van Betekenis Utrecht