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Corp. Protocol (2023)

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In Corp Protocol, the artist explores the questions that have emerged in his practice over the past few months through a sculptural work. The piece embodies a toy-like aesthetic, blending elements of abstraction and figuration, reminiscent of an engineered Dyson-like machine. The ornamental forms in the background take the shape reminiscent of a gate or cathedral, the sculpture evokes the myth of Odysseus being bound upright at the mast to resist the enchanting voices of the sirens. The artwork raises inquiries about resisting the seductive allure of the digital realm amidst the synthesis of historical and cultural information facilitated by artificial intelligence. Through this exploration, the artist highlights the unknown consequences of our profound reliance on devices and prompts contemplation on the corporeal experience of technology, forever intertwined with the human body. Corp Protocol seeks to reignite discussions surrounding the tangible presence of technology and its impact on our existence.

As AI interacts with and consolidates the vast amount of historical information in latent space, restructuring and organising it through statistical averages, questions arise. Does this interplay result in data loss? Will we forfeit the sources of meaning that once resonated with us? Alternatively, might this novel approach to structuring reality offer something in return? Furthermore, what role does the body play in this context? What are the implications when our material experiences fade, replaced by the virtual realm within devices, boxes, and the cloud?

Artist statement

In his artistic practice, Derk delves into the profound implications of new technologies and their transformative effect on our perceptions of the world. By employing innovative techniques and embracing a comprehensive philosophical framework, he aims to explore the larger existential questions that shape our collective consciousness. Through a careful observation of current trends and a speculative projection into the future, Derk strives to initiate a dialogue that spans time and space, delving into the intersections of history, literature, and an AI-fueled future. His work serves as a conduit for contemplating the intricate connections between humanity, technology, and the enigmatic forces that drive our evolving existence. By navigating the uncharted territories of human experience, Derk invites viewers to reflect on their place within this ever-changing paradigm.


I want to further develop my interest in sculpture and continue as an autonomous artist, and continue to develop in forms and techniques. For my own work, but also to support the artists I work with in their vision.

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