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"COAL CREEK" is a performance that touches on an often relatable topic; being thrust into a life that you didn't quite choose, in circumstances you can't control, and having to navigate it by carving your own path through experience, reflection, and growth. In this performance, we follow the journey of our character, symbolized as a "sprouted fish," exploring themes of morality, personal growth, societal struggle, alienation, power dynamics, and mortality. This performance is symbolic, surrealistic, and theatrical.

Artist statement

As a singer and songwriter, I like to create music that is all about storytelling and world-building. I like to be crafting universes with unique characters, where each song serves as a chapter in a storybook. Every song moves the story forward and has its own unique meaning and message to share, touching on subjects like alienation, labour work, mortality, morality, relegion and more.


In five years, I hope to be involved in the music field in multiple capacities. Currently, I am interested in exploring the process of creating a performance from start to finish, focusing on a specific concept, stage design, costumes, visuals, theatrical elements, and even scents to provide a fully immersive experience for the audience. I want to see myself successfully navigating both the artistic and entrepreneurial/organizational aspects of this endeavor.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, the most important lesson I learned was not to be afraid to reach out to people, feel safe trying new things with them, and experiment. I learned how to be a leader, accept mistakes, and build confidence.

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A research about overcoming personal issues when it comes to creating music when you feel like everything has been already made, said and done by someone better. A research about feeling free to take inspiration or even blatanly "copy" the things around you, because you will always make something new that is unique to you.