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Classical Violin Final Exam

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In my final exam I played solo violin and chamber music. I played Bach Solo Violin Sonata no. 1 "Adagio" - 1st movement, Brahms Sonata no. 1 for violin and piano and finally Ysaye Sonata no. 6.

Artist statement

My speciality is being a good violinist. I have good technique and have developed a good sense of musicality aswell throughout the years, so I really strive to in my performances, like my final exam, make the audience feel a plethora of emotions. That's my ultimate goal when I perform.


My ambitions are to get a position in an orchestra, continue playing with my Chamber Music group "UpTrio", continue teaching, and when possible perform solo aswell, and continue playing with the pianist I'm playing right now, Lisa Tanto.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I have learned is to give a sense to the notes I play, give them feeling and musicality and strive to offer the audience a great emotional experience everytime I perform.

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Next concert:
TivoliVredenburg, 30th of June