Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Classical Piano Recital

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In this project, I would like to present a classical paino recital as my final project. In this performance, my wish is to present classical music from many periods and emphasize their uniqueness pertaining to when they were written, and at the same time to make the performance more accessible to the general public.

Artist statement

Looking back to my early years, my main goal by playing the piano was to impress my friends. Naturally I hoped that by playing a sonata by Beethoven would do, but it turned out that none of them were impressed. By then I realized that I needed to be able to play pop songs that we all liked and loved as a teenager, so that was my journey to make the jump to the other side and I keep on growing and learning the piano with both ways in mind, classical and pop or jazz. After I dug deeper in classical music, I came to a conclusion that I can indeed combine the best things from both world to create my own identity in classical piano performance, and that is exactly what I am doing ever since. I approach, learn, and play classical pieces with different interpretation, perspective and understanding while keeping all the important and fundamental principles from classical world.


I like to share, whenever I know something is good. Let's say a good kapsalon place, or a great playstation game. The same with classical music, I am in love with it and I know it is great, and that pushes me to share to more people about classical pieces. In relation to my unique approach to it, I hope to welcome new audiences for classical world through relatable performances.

Learned during the studies

We can only make music when we have a life! That means countless hours of practice does not really corelate to the ability to make music. Much to the contrary, having activities with friends, being outside and having the time to walk in the nature, or perhaps to have a lot of things that we are struggling with, are they natural "practice" session for us to play better music. To have more experiences in life means deeper meaning in every single note we play.