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Chinese Jesus

Mandy Man Ching Cheng
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At home I spoke Chinese and at school Dutch.
At church however, I sang.
In both languages.

In the West the son of God is often depicted as someone of European descent and simultaneously in China he is depicted as someone of Asian descent. I am part of the Chinese diaspora and I’m also a Christian. As Christianity is mostly associated with the West, my religion often comes as a surprise.
Due to a lack of authentic representation of people of color and the reinforcement of certain stereotypes in media, individuals outside of the status quo are frequently met with prejudices. However, it is unfair to be reduced to a stereotype, stripped away of one’s humanity and individualistic sense of self.

This project gives voice to the Chinese Christians in Dutch society. We want to be in control of our own narrative. By presenting ourselves as individuals with different views within a specific community, we hope to abolish the stereotypes we are associated with.