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Children of Iguarán

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In the first part of Children of Iguarán, I've chose to make a book in order to tell a story. A story inspired by my Island, family and history. I use mythologie and fantasy in order to write this story. Three sister are reunited when one of them comes back home after a couple of years traveling. But she does not come alone. Along with her, she brought the Governor of a neighbouring Island. And what ensues is an adventure in trying to save their home and sister. This story is available to read in the accompanying installation. And it's also available to buy in limited edition.

Artist statement

Born and raised on two multicultural Islands in the Dutch Caribbean, I have discovered a couple of things that are important for my work now. The use of bright colours, the search for my identity and the power of storytelling. Not necessarily in this order. By creating a story that is heavily influenced by fantasy and the history of the Caribbean, I can bring the captivating colours and my own personal history to the forefront. My work often deals with different topics surrounding; femininity, my body and my identity and how I interweave them together visually. The use of bright colours draws you in when the topic I’m dealing with is uncomfortable. By using storytelling I have the power to retell stories from home and to have control of the narrative. By fictionalizing history I can mix different ideas and cultures. By using different mediums (videos, performance, installation, writing) to tell a story I can change the voice I use continually.


Mijn verhalen met meerdere media's verwerken.

Learned during the studies

Het experimenteren met diverse materialen

Children of Iguarán the Manual

I'ts a meta way of me writing my story with more background information about the characters and inspiration.