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Chain of stories

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“Chain of Stories” embraces and explores ancient folk tales, seeking to draw modern conclusions in the form of a magazine. By juxtaposing associations, a new fictional narrative unfolds. Each subsequent topic is linked to the previous one, creating a cohesive storyline. The folk tales are deliberately chosen to be relevant in today's world, albeit with a light-hearted layer. In the design of the magazine, many clues are hidden. These clues can help you to unravel the conclusion.
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Artist statement

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic creator who enjoys working with various media. I like to explore new tools that I can incorporate into my work. Typography, shapes and colours are something that I like to play with and I enjoy working on diverse projects. Additionally, I strive to take deliberate design steps in my process so that I can substantiate them effectively.

I believe it's important for my work to have a light-hearted touch and for the message to be clear and easily discernible. While I appreciate a polished finish, I also tend to be a bit playful and occasionally deviate from the rules.


I'm considering joining a design studio focused on branding, editorial design, or digital design. I would love to work for a company involved in a wide range of projects, diversity and variety are very important to me. Having the creative freedom in making my own design choices is something I need to express myself, and I'm keen to contribute to the design process.

Learned during the studies

During my time at the HKU I have undergone a shift in thinking regarding the graphic design profession and have come to recognize its importance more deeply. I have primarily focused on conceptual development and embracing the significance of a design process. Additionally, I have grown stronger in making design choices and can now substantiate them more effectively. I am looking forward to applying these new skills in the professional field soon.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

HKU, bachelor Graphic Design
Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam, mediavormgever, niveau 4

Minor spatial design @Vogelfrei Utrecht, 2023
De verdieping @AG Utrecht, 2022

Publicaties :
Between the things around us, 2022 (jaarboek fotografie studenten)
In collaboration with Danique Merkestein

Internships :
Lava Amsterdam, 2023
Pip Den Haag, 2020