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"Cenere/Cinder"(the non-combustible residue of something that has been burned) delves into the exploration of the aftermath of the historical happening that is the witch hunts in Como Italy, where my family is from. Specifically focusing on three locations that were significant during the witch hunt. This research project aims to shed light on the enduring legacy of this dark period in history, reclaiming the narratives of the women who fell victim to the persecution.
Through location base investigation and documentation, "Cenere/Cinder" unravels the layers of history, revealing the non-combustible residue—both literal and metaphorical—left behind by the flames of intolerance and fear. By tracing the footsteps of those persecuted, the project offers a tribute to their memory, confronting the silence that has shrouded their stories for far too long.
In creating the installations for 'Cenere/Cinder,' making them in the context to strategically place them within the three locations in Como, I aimed to illuminate a forgotten chapter of history. With little to no information and no memorial about the witch hunt, these installations serve as a reminders and to challenge people to confront its past by looking further than what they have always known. I seek to spark dialogue, fill the void of remembrance, and ultimately, foster healing and understanding.

Artist statement

Susanna, a maker of Dutch-Italian descent, illuminates her work from an anthropological and philosophical perspective, propelled by questions that surround her cultural background and as a woman. Her work is infused with a deep motivation to transform research into concepts that visualize emotions, poetry and multi-perspectivity. With a deep-rooted sense of storytelling, Susanna carefully chooses the medium best suited to the stories that intrigue her, with her preference being photography, film and text.


In the future, I continue to pursue my passion for research, text and photography, endeavouring to unveil and vividly portray the narratives born from these explorations. My journey takes me to diverse places of the world, where I breathe life into my research. Collaborating with individuals from various backgrounds and professions, I will navigate both collective endeavours and individual pursuits, weaving a rich tapestry of discovery and innovation.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I've learned in my four years of studying is the significance of delving deep into the source and staying true to myself. It's been a journey of discovery, where I've discovered insights into the essence of my fascinations and the authenticity of my pursuits.