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Optics (latin: optica) is a branch within physics, studying light's characteristics, its interplay with matter, and the human perception of light. A camera is a lens of perception and is the Latin word for room. In this graduation performance, conducted in the former physics theory classroom of a secondary school, diverse methodologies are shown to probe how optics can shape our perception of our environments. Leveraging the three primary hues of light, we delve into altering our environments' perception. By bringing our wonderful world indoors, we transform it into an immersive experience, turning our environment into a dynamic performer.

Final Research Document

Camera Optica is a performative research installation and a physical translation of my final research document.

Over the past two years, I, as a landscape designer, have delved into the world of (expanded) scenography. My research into combining the principles of landscape design with the discipline of scenography is complemented by a personal fascination and inquiry: the relationship and connection between humans and their environment. In this research document, I introduce the term and approach of site-responsive scenography, to combine environment and scenography. The main question of my research, which is prominently featured in the book, is: how can the environment be a co-performer?

Download my final research document:

Extra: MOST?

MOST? was our collective performance in the city centre of Prague, during the Prague Quadrennial in 2023.  This performance provides good support for my research.

Artist statement

I am Tjardo, a landscape designer and scenographer, as well as a researcher, hands-on constructor and a pursuer of childlike wonder.


I create performative art and performances that investigate and experience the intricate relationships and perceptions between humans and their environment. 


My aim is to produce unique, bizarre and/or surreal thought-provoking time-based experiences that stimulate a sense of wonder, offering a sublime experience accessible to everyone.


In my opinion, our own environments have a tremendous amount of wonder to offer, but this needs to be seen and appreciated. To achieve this, a collaboration with the environment is essential. It's not about creating art in the environment, but rather with the environment, treating it as a co-performer and engaging in site-responsive scenography.


In the coming years, I aim to explore the world with a childlike sense of wonder and share this with others. 

I am dedicated to further developing the synergy between scenography and landscape design. By creating site-responsive and site-specific works, I aim to engage diverse audiences in various locations. My ambition is to craft unique, bizarre, and large-scale artworks that transform perceptions and evoke wonder. My ambition is to center my art around wonder, presenting my performative works at art festivals, museums, theaters, public spaces, meadows, and various venues both locally and internationally.

Collaboration forms the core of my artistic practice. I find joy in collaborating with a broad spectrum of professionals, ranging from scientists and forest managers to musicians, actors, and local communities. Furthermore, I aim to establish my own collective or forge long-term partnerships, fostering creativity and innovation. In addition to creating performative art, I am eager to contribute to design processes and teaching, enhancing the experiential quality of our everyday environments.

By continually pushing the boundaries of scenography and landscape design, my aim is to inspire a profound sense of wonder and connection to our surroundings.

Learned during the studies

As an educated landscape designer, I learned to understand our environment. I learned to look through the lens of my knowledge instead of experiencing the world. My master’s degree in Scenography started with this realization. Both personally and professionally I discovered the need to experience, rather than understand. I delved into the world of (expanded) scenography, I combination with the principles of landscape design to seek out the wonder around us. Wonder in and through the environment. 

Thinking by doing

Overview of publications / exhibitions / prizes / concerts / performances etc.

Final Research Document The environment as co-performer won the HKU PLUIJM 2024

Camera Optica is nominated for the HKU Awards 2024

Prague Quadrennial 2023: MOST?