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A Summer Night Out

Céline van Oijen
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A Summer Night Out

(COVID-19 Edition)


, is about the desire to escape, travel to another country, finding a new place to discover and about a perfect night out.

Activities that always seemed so common but nowadays are very unlikely and feel impossible.

COVID-19 makes me feel trapped, trapped in my own room. A room that has suddenly turned into an “all-in-one” place; where I eat, sleep, work and exercise.

The walls are closing in on me, but there is no (real) escape from it.

I feel alone, lost and tired. As if I am trying to avoid anything social. But there is little choice.

The bed keeps calling. The only place where it feels like dreams still come true.

But I dream of going to Italy. A country that I have been going to with my family during summer vacations since I was a little girl.

I long for these nostalgic feelings from these good old days.

I long for the land of culture, idyllic villages, family, food, nature, sprezzatura and the bathrobe.

I have the desire to escape from today’s society and situation in which I find myself at home and cannot get out.

I have the desire to go to a place where everything feels good and I can be myself.

A place where I don’t have to be afraid of contamination, a place without rules.

I dream of a world in which the freedom to escape from the everyday life feels natural again.

I dream of dressing up, participating in social activities, meeting strangers and losing myself for a moment in nature, music or whatever.

Dancing and living together as one.

A Summer Night Out, 

is about an escape in the image of the perfect vacation and a dream about the perfect night out.

Feeling relaxed, unbothered and free.

"Creating is a way to express yourself, to express your soul and let the smallest stories speak, but also a way to realize your desires."

"Art expresses the vulnerability of our existence. Sometimes an escape from this reality is just what a person needs."

"I want to create a freedom for the man to show his vulnerable side. A freedom in which someone can put on a garment in which he or she feels fantastic and can make it their own."

Photographer: Lok-Yin Lau

Fashion Film       //       Class of 2021       //       VICISSITUDO


A Summer Night Out 

(COVID-19 Edition)


Summer Night Out

(COVID-19 Edition)