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Byrrus is latin for red. Red can take alot of forms. Is it the color of love? or hatred? Is it used for romantice or is it danger? 

In this movie you will follow Byrrus the red hooded creature going through worlds and batteling what comes near him. 

Artist statement

My name is Sanne Loredana Ruhé, I make animation movies that tell stories about how people can feel, in metaphors and non dialogue images i represent the struggles someone can have with mental health issues. I try to explain in my movies how it is to have these issues, not to solve them, but simply explain what I can't explain in words. Next to animations I am also a tattoo artist, with this love i combine my tattoo art in my animations to make it unique and colorfull. With alot of textures, analog backgrounds and thick linework, I make my images alive in my movies. 


My goal is to be a full time tattoo artist, traveling around the world, while i make my animation movies about my and other' struggles in life. I will never quit making animation mvoeis, even though I choose to be a tattoo artist. Animations are something where I can tell things that I usually can't. Also I enjoy making images alive. I would love to make music video's in my tattoo styled animations and of course my own movies to explain more. 

Geleerd tijdens de studie

Before I came to the school, I have never touched digital art or animation. I did some simple stopmotion to feel what animation is like, But i had no idea about the fundementals of animation. HKU learned me all of this, they learned me to be better at animation, the fundementals and all the possibilities in the animation world, it's not just one thing, you can do everything. Even in tattoos I can make an animation if I want to. I found my style during this study and figured out what I love so much about animation. 

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

2voor12 2020 - Auguste Escoffier
2voor12 2020 - John B Curtis
2voor12 2021 - Harold Edgerton

Filmfestival awards
MAF 2021 - "Would I met you"
MAF 2021 - "Arduous"
MAF 2021 - "Bael"
LA Film Festival 2023 - Best animation reward "Everybody's got demons" 
Honorable mention LA Filmfestival - Hollywood new directors