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Bullet Runner

Laura Brugel
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Bullet Runner is a linear single-player shooter, which could best be described as a 'Power Fantasy'. Taking inspiration from old-school shooters, the game takes players back to an era of hardcore and unforgiving gameplay.

With a unique blend of 2D and 3D visuals, and pure skill-based gameplay, Bullet Runner is a treat to any boomer-shooter fan.

We have seen quite a lot of great indie-games come out through the years, with a bunch of them offering unique, polished and tight gameplay mechanics. With comparable games such as: 'Enter the Gungeon', 'Hotline Miami', 'Nuclear Throne' and 'Hades'.

Despite the fact that we all love and enjoy these games as much as we do, we felt like something was missing. We miss the good old days of to-the-point linear adventures, with a strong focus on gameplay and skill. A handcrafted experience that deliberately confronts players with interesting and level-unique challenges to conquer.

One thing led to another, and Bullet Runner as we know it today came to be. Bullet Runner will feature a 10+ hour campaign (if played on a somewhat challenging difficulty, relative to the players skill-level) of fully hand-crafted levels.

Within these levels, the player will come across different 'combat-challenges' which they will have to beat by making creative use of the tight toolkit of mechanics we offer to them. In a sense, Bullet Runner is a puzzle and strategy game, just at a very high pace.

The design of Bullet Runner takes inspiration from many different sources, with Doom being on the forefront of it all. Although inspiration is taken from existing designs, Bullet Runner presents them in a new and refreshing way to the players.

We see our target audience as being the playerbases of the games we take our inspiration from. Bullet Runner will offer them a new take on the genre of games they enjoy, and give them new skills to master, and refreshing challenges to beat.

We believe that, especially now with the release of Doom Eternal (and doing exceptionally well), players are hungry for more content in the same league.

This is where Bullet Runner will fill in the gap, as the game has the potential to profit from the current hype of the genre. With plenty of difficulty modes to choose from, the game will appeal to both new and veteran players of the genre.

With familiar, yet new and refreshing mechanics, tied together with a unique artstyle and kick-ass soundtrack, we believe Bullet Runner will fit right in to the current market of fast-paced skill-based shooters, and offer players something new to master and enjoy.