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Booksaver is a cozy point & click / puzzle / simulation game.
Where the player is tasked with repairing books in a world where books have become a forgotten technologie, with the use of public domain stories.
The player gets taken to an alternate retro futuristic world, full of old school technologie from the 80’s and 90’s, chunky computer monitors, VHS tapes, cassette decks and floppy disks.

Artist statement

I am a 2D artist, with a focus on characters and concept art.
For my Graduation project however I've challenged myself focus on environment instead in the goal to expand my skillset.
I love to draw whimsical and fantastical characters and worlds, where I focus on the worldbuilding around the characters as well. I love losing myself in adding little details, and making everything look lived it and alive.
I never go in with the mind set to give my art some hidden meaning, people can interpret it any way they'd like, it's accessible and there to be enjoyed.


I don't tend to set big timed ambitions or goals for myself. I find it quite difficult and stressful to keep myself to such plans because I am always changing and finding new things I want to learn and explore.
For now I hope to get started as a freelance artist after I graduate, I'd like to try and get into indie project and assist become an artist alley vendor and maybe dip my toes into the board game industry.

Learned during the studies

I find it difficult to look back and pick or even remember what all the things are that I have learned. These 4 years have felt like kind of a blur.
I think I've become more confident in my skillset overall, knowing how to navigate Unity and using the tools to be able to use minimal coding to make my art interactable in a way I wasn't aware would be possible with 2D art.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I'm working towards displaying my game at 'De Queen Boekenkast' (Alkmaar) however the official date is still TBA.