Bob Jeltes

Bob Jeltes
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Bob Jeltes

I am a 4th year Game Development student.

I like to focus most on gameplay programming, and my goal when making anything is to make it feel as nice to control as possible.

I am part of Pear Pressure: a group of 11 students who helped each other out with their projects over the course of this school year.


I am currently working on Gyrus: Rivalry of the Gods with a team of 3 people

Gyrus: Rivalry of the Gods is a challenging PC boss fighting game, in which you conquer dangerous dungeons to save a dystopian world from energy-stealing monsters.

As player you can choose in which order you battle the Bosses that have been hoarding the world's energy. Once a Boss is killed, however, their energy is redistributed and all other monsters grow stronger.

I'm also working on Hovercraft Havoc. This is a solo project, and the end result is an online multiplayer versus battle game.

Monster Munch, a project that I worked on with a team of 6 people for 5 months, is available to play on Windows. We created Monster Munch for Imagine Film Festival of 2020.

Check out Monster Munch on the Imagine Film Festival site!