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Blueprinting Museum 2.0

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What if our daily lives, due to the increasing influence of technology, shift to the virtual world? How will museums be affected, and what influence will it have on the way we experience art?

Imagine stepping into a world where museums exist in a 3D digital environment. ‘Blueprinting Museum 2.0’ guides you through a journey of speculations, as eight young creatives share their visions of a virtual museum. Scan the prints to catch a glimpse of this possible future, and join in by contributing your own mark to the collaborative blueprint of tomorrow's museum.

Artist statement

Lotte Cornelissens is a graphic designer with a focus on print, 3D modeling and research. She has a specific interest in exploring exhibition design and in how print can be used in a spacial, dynamic way.


In five years, I aim to complete a Master's degree in Cultural Policy and combine the knowledge acquired from that with the design expertise gained at HKU. I aspire to create communicative experiences that challenge individuals to think critically and engage actively in the process.

Learned during the studies

The most valuable lesson I have learned during my studies at HKU is how to tell stories in a captivating and persuasive manner.