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Between the Layers of our Skin

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The project The Layers between our skin is a "sightspecfic" interdisciplinary performance with dance, performance and music.

The piece has developed from my research into vulnerability in improvisation. I use vulnerability to shine light on what is inside of us and to show the different colors, shapes and feelings of life.

The piece consists of several scenes that reflect on different interpersonal feelings and relationships through music, performance and movement.
There is no hierarchy between the different art forms and there will be a nurturing exchange and communication between them.

The music is a combination of composed contemporary classical music and structured improvisation. In my composition I use elements of Minimal Music, jazz and impressionism, but silence also play a major role.

A big part of the work process is building trust between performers. My goal is to create a performative environment in which the performers dare to make themselves vulnerable to each other.
I use a combination improvised modern dance, contact improvisation and simple performative gestures.

Artist statement

I am an interdisciplinary performer, musician, composer, improviser and facilitator.
My artistic work and personal research are deeply interconnected. I search for the reasons behind actions, thoughts and behaviors.
The discoveries I made while researching my physical and emotional patterns are the basis for my holistic approach to my work and my instruments (cello/voice/piano). Driven by the power, healing and joy received through my self-exploration, my mission is to share these experiences with as many people as possible.
In my performative work, I want to be radically honest and vulnerable. I feel a responsibility as an artist to share and inspire. I want to provoke, inspire and disrupt.
At the same time, I want to create beauty and harmony. I desire to translate the beauty around me into the art I make in order to share it with others.


I would like to have established myself as a an artist, facilitator and teacher, find some wider recognition as a solo artist and a interdisciplinary performance maker.
I want to continuously collaborate with others as a musician, mover and improviser.

My work and life surrounding are important factors for me. I would like to have found a creative surrounding that inspired me and where my artistic potential can flourish.

Learned during the studies

What the study has given me is a great trust and confidence in my role in life and purpose. I am a maker and facilitator. I want and need to create, learn and share the knowledge I learned with others.
I have gotten more clarity in how I communicate with my surrounding and the different roles I take in as a leader, co-creater or participant.
Additionally, this study taught me that to create something it takes time, there is no rush and perfection kills creativity. Failing and not-knowing are part of the learning process and an essential part of the creative process.

How falling can make you fly

I feel the wind touching, touching my skin, touching me, blowing through me, holding me, carrying me away. Clear salty air travels through my nostrils into my body, I am moving, gently swaying in different directions, there are no pattern or constellations. I feel alive, the bare skin on my feet senses the texture of the cold ground beneath me so clearly, so many details.
And suddenly a movement occurs, I am not deciding, I am not thinking; I am being moved. My senses are so highly activated that everything that surrounds me gives me vivid information, it encourages me, it challenges me, it thrills me, it inspires me. A pleasurable tingling sensation spreads throughout my body and a burst of energy explodes inside of me. I need to release it, I need to give a channel, an output. My voice gets activated and from my center shouts of joy are resonating. They travel through me and I travel through them. There is everything there is in one moment.
And then the world around me becomes gentle, oh so gentle. It feels like I can see and feel the love that everything consists of. There is a softness inside of me and around me. The world feels vibrant, colorful, remarkably interesting, like a gigantic multi-sensory piece of art. And I understand what it means to be alive.
Is this still an improvisation? Or is this life? Is there even a difference?

How do I explore the quality of vulnerability in improvisation and use it as a channel to provoke meaningful creative material?

Internship 2turvenhoog

In this internship I was part of several performances for the very small audience. And researched improvisation at schools and kindergardens.