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Bellum omnium contra omnes

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In Latin “Bellum omnium contra omnes” means “the war of all against all.”
In this work I’m questioning how one can put himself into existence in this world.

In ‘the ethic of self-existence’, Demet Kurtogulu Tasdelen says that there is no such a thing as social problem, but a problem of not being able to bring yourself into existence in this world. “Taking revenge, in a sense, means to harm others because of the inability of bringing oneself into existence. All of this, of course, means that coexistence works in reverse. The problem we have with rape is due to the fact that the rapist cannot bring himself into existence in this world. He has no knowledge of the possibilities of creating himself as a human being. Instead of creating himself, he brings himself into existence by depending on the other: by using the other.”

In my artistic practice I’m questioning how not to become a criminal or not to lose my mind in this world full of evil. By putting everything in doubt as far as I can, I’m hoping to find the Truth about free will, God and meaning in life.

Artist statement

Everything you can not buy with your money


Taking a writing course, curating an exhibition that really matters. And I would like to get to know Friedrich Nietzsche better.

Learned during the studies

Fuck gravity, go left.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

-'Ontmoeting in het onmeetbare', Nieuwe kerk Amersfoort
-'Parasite Paradise', gallerie Niek Waterbolk Utrecht
-'Self publish or be damned", Academiegallerie Utercht

How to build an illegal door to Heaven?

In my artistic practice I’m questioning how I can bring myself into existence in this world full of evil.