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Becoming Human

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Becoming Human is an interdisciplinary performance that combines music, images and text to tell the story of what it means to become human. To be human is to be always changing, and, therefore, "becoming". It's a journey of alienation from the world, leading towards the rediscovery one’s own true identity and communion with the universe.

Artist statement

The true power of art resides in bringing people in communion with each other. It's only by doing that, in the present moment, that we can realize there are no personal problems, but only human ones -therefore transcending our identity and finding meaning in our struggles. I offer people the chance to experience themselves differently, as part of something that goes beyond our traditional conception of being human.


I want to establish an interdisciplinary movement/collective of independent artists that desire to communicate love and owe for humanity and life. In this way a lot more can be done, compared to what I can do alone. I am certain that to save the world we need to teach and share true love for humanity.

Learned during the studies

The biggest value I got out of my study was on the human side. I come from a very different culture, especially in education. Here people live and learn so differently. I've always experienced myself as at same level as everybody else, even though the cultural differences were remarkable. It taught me so much on how easy it is to connect with somebody when you know that what lies behind everybody's eyes is the same thing that lies between yours.

Creating a Sustainable Creative Environment

Delivering a great result at the end of an artistic process is only one of the contributing factors to the satisfaction we experience as makers. The making process itself plays a very important role too -it in fact constitutes the largest portion of time spent on a project, by far. How can we approach our work so that it remains enjoyable in the long term? How can we collaborate with other people in a way that enriches us, instead of costing energies?