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Beatriz Montes, Cello Final Exam

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The program of my bachelor final exam will be:

Bach: Cello Suite no. 3, Prelude
C. Debussy: cello sonata in D minor.
S. Gubaidulina: cello prelude nº7
Schumann cello concerto op. 129

Piano: Léon Bak
String quartet: María, Leonoor, Carlota and Elianne.

Artist statement

I have been playing cello since I was five years old, so I could say that my specialty is just playing cello. Making music is what I enjoy the most, and I would like to share it with the people who come to listen to me.


When I think about the future, I see myself making music, playing cello in an orchestra and in chamber music ensembles with many friends, enjoying playing music, making the public live my music. Furthermore, I see myself playing and preparing concerts with the same enthusiasm I've had preparing my final exam.

Learned during the studies

From the many things I have learned in the last years, one of the most important things I've learned is to play the music ideas I have in my mind.