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Bachelor Final Recital

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For my Bachelor Final Exam, with the help of my teacher Chris Duindam, I have created a program that shows my ability as a Soloist, an ensemble player, and a leader. I will be playing Prelude of Ysayë Solo sonata No.2 Obsession, Mendelssohn Octet, and an entire Mozart Violin Concerto No.5 with an Orchestra which I organized by myself, and will be leading by myself. My challenge in Bachelor was to show my full potential on the stage, to play by heart, and to be soloistic and to take leadership in music making which requires a lot of confidence. I hope that in this final recital, I can prove to the juries of my growth in those aspects, and that the audience will enjoy the music just as much as I do.

Artist statement

Passionate musician with 10 years of experience in Symphony Orchestras as well as in ensembles. Started Classical Violin at the age of 7 in Tokyo, Japan. Studied under Yuuko Araki in Japan, then moved to the Netherlands at the age of 17 to study under Theodora Geraets. Currently finishing obtaining Bachelor Degree at Utrecht Conservatory under Chris Duindam.
My work is specified in Classical/Romantic/Jazz music. What makes my work unique is that, despite the amount of hard work and preparation we put until the performance, at the concert itself it becomes a new raw art. Everyone becomes united to make excellent performance, and it is never a copy paste of anything. Each time it's new, raw, and unique. I really enjoy that lively unique nature of being a musician.


During my coming master years, I plan to audition for orchestras often, take every opportunities given, and make work connections as much as possible. So in five years I would like to be living a stable life by working in a professional orchestra.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my studies is the importance of our well-being in mind, heart, soul, and body. Music becomes a big part of ourselves when you do it full-time with passion. That means that your problems in life often affects your music-making. I learned that it's so important to take care of ourselves by making healthy habits in diet, life-style, and daily thoughts etc. Also, I learned that as a musician, who we are as a person is just as important as our technical skills. It sounds very obvious, but we must be sociable, nice, friendly, genuine, loyal, responsible, and fun to work with. Of course our ability is crucial, but I learned that becoming a successful musician goes well beyond just music, but rather comes from who we are.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

North Sea Jazz Festival 2018
Operetta Land - National Opera en Ballet 2022
NJO - Jong Metropole - Associate Concertmaster
Cugnon Project Member
New European Ensemble -2022
Leids Kamerkoor - 2023