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Bachelor Final Recital

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My graduation recital will be a one hour concert in which I will play pieces from different styles and epochs. My idea was to present myself and the cello in different fields, and this is illustrated by the choice of pieces I made:

First, I will play a Trio Sonata for Violin, Cello and Basso Continuo from a composer of the 17th century, Alessandro Stradella. I will play with the baroque cello, and because it will be a focus point for me in the near future I wanted the early music to be part of my program.
Second, I will jump into the 20th century with two short pieces of Anton Webern.
Then, I will play a piece for Cello and Guitar written in the beginning of the 19th century by Friedrich Dotzauer. I think the combination of the two instruments works very nicely and will give a fresh air to the program.
Finally, I will play the Cello Sonata in G Minor from Frédéric Chopin, which I find an extraordinary piece to end with in which the chamber music in between the cello and the piano is fantastic and worthwhile to listen to.

Artist statement

What I think makes my work unique is the passion and care I put into it. I try always to be open to different ideas and ways to deliver the music I'm playing and want to share with others, and that's something that I think makes my work special and worthwhile.


My ambitions are related to my wish to discover many different pieces and types of music and share it with others. That's why in the future I would love to look for many opportunities to perform and investigate different ways to perform for others, to create a connection in between me and the musicians I'm playing with and also the public I'm playing for.

Learned during the studies

One of the most important things I've learned over these past years is to trust the process and to care about not only my playing in a practical/physical way, but also mentally. I've discovered that the mind plays a huge role in our performances, and to be aware of that is something that really makes a difference in the feelings and the security I have playing for others and with others.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

The next concert I will play is on the 9th of June with Camerata Utricia, in Stadsklooster Utrecht.