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Bachelor final Concert classical Saxophone

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In my final exam I will perform quite modern music, not as classical as used to. This is the way I found myself recently more expressive and fitting to my personality:
Jacob Ter Veldhuis - Buku for alto saxophone and boombox
Jenő Takács (1902-2005) - Two Fantastics for Alto and Piano
Lucie Robert (1936) - Cadenza
Carlos Michans (1950) - Musique pour Saxophone
Marc Eychenne (1993-) - Cantilene et Danse together with Annah Posthumius (violin) and Hanna Zomerplaag (piano)

Artist statement

My aim is to be a reachable artist and simply good musician. Reachable for the audience, with my expression, my story and my personality as well as reachable for everyone I'm working with professionally to give the audience the best experience.


I want to be a well known artist, who knows how to reach an audience as well as a professional, who has good background knowledge, how to make events etc. I want to be a musician, who everyone can trust, because I know how to play, but I'm also easy to work with.
Professionally I want to continue playing in saxophone quartets and ensembles, never stop learning. I want to be able travel a lot, be able to give my knowledge and also take a lot from other artists, and get inspired from other countries

Learned during the studies

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, that is the moment when we actually learn the most. All these hours in the practice room won't give anything, if we, as an artist, don't know how to cooperate with others, how to make an event and how to reach an audience, and for that we need to go out, out of our comfort zone.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Tivoli Vredenburg lunchpauze concert with AHSO Saxophone Orchestra (2022)
Cyclone Saxophone Quartet (30:45)(2023)
Tivoli Vredenburg lunchpauze concert with Large Ensemble (2023)

Of course there are more concerts, events, but I found it very important to mention that school can give opportunities to play in great concert halls, like TivoliVredenburg, which already gives a great overview of a good musician.