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Babcia's Garden

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Babcia's Garden is a film about my memories of Poland. Because my family lives there, I’ve often visited the country - especially in my youth. These memories feel like a magical place within my mind, to which I can return in the imagination. The film consists of different visual elements: miniature, staged images and archival footage from my Polish family. During the process of making Babcia's Garden I started collecting objects that belong to the original memories of Poland. These objects were the starting point for the staged images I made here in the Netherlands.

Externalization of self-awareness—a dream in which one is both observer and observed. Due to a lack of understanding of my own emotions, I often do not feel part of the world we live in. Through my visual work I dare to share my emotions, which enables me to eventually understand them. Based on my own discoveries of what it means to be human, my work forms a broad and ongoing investigation of the human psyche.

My ambitions for the next 5 years is mainly to work on my own practice. I aspire to continue making film; I have several project proposals that I want to carry out in the near future. To further broaden my visual research into the human psyche. Besides this I will continue to develop our online exhibition ‘FUSE’, a collaboration with foam and (now) 4 recent graduates of the University of the Arts Utrecht. We offer an opportunity for young students to show their work to the field and offer more connection between the different academies in the Netherlands.

The academy has given me many opportunities to explore what my interests are and how I can represent these specific interests. The past four years have been an investigation into myself and my practice as an artist. A search for my interests and visual language.


Current - FUSE is an experimental online exhibition for young makers in the Netherlands in collaboration with Foam, Amsterdam. We provide an exhibition space that connects makers

and reduces the gap between academies. (

2022 - FUSE Exhibition (dis)connect in Foam, Amsterdam. Organizing the exhibition in collaboration with the exhibitions team within Foam.


2021- Three month Internship Inge Meijer.


2022- Upscaling/Downsizing exhibition, BAK Utrecht.

2021- HKU Salon, Babcia’s Garden process photography, Group Exhibition

2020 - Museum Belvederé - Noorderlicht: Group exhibition.

2019 - GUP NEW - Booklaunch and group exhibition.


2021 – FUSE Expo podcast, Interfuse episode 1 about the founders of FUSE

2020 - Publication Tijdschrift EI - Ik haat de stilte wanneer het tijd is om te spreken

2019 - GUP NEW - Publication in the 2020 talent book.