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Arda and the Giannena + Trio Tensegrity

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Renowned drummer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Arda Age Yesiltepe will perform at TivoliVredenburg with two talented bands, "Arda and the Giannena" and "Trio Tensegrity," on 20.06.2023. The concert promises to showcase the harmonious relationship between eastern and western music.

"Trio Tensegrity" features Arda on drums and presents original compositions that blend jazz, funk, and world music. "Arda and the Giannena" is a cover band that specializes in traditional Middle Eastern music, with Arda on davul infusing traditional Middle Eastern melodies with modern Western influences.

Together, these two bands will demonstrate how the two worlds can come together to create something truly special. The evening will be a celebration of the beautiful and complementary relationship between eastern and western music. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind musical experience with Arda Ege Yesiltepe, "Arda and the Giannena," and "Trio Tensegrity" at TivoliVredenburg.

Artist statement

Arda Ege Yesiltepe is a Turkish drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who is active on Rock and traditional Balkan music. His mission is to create a unique sound that blends the two worlds of Eastern/Balkan music together with Jazz and Western sounds.


In the next five years, I want to start touring around Europe and America. I want to progress and show our names to the world with two bands I have named "Trio Tenegrity" and "Arda and the Giannena".

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my studies is communication and professionalism. These two things helped me become a better musician and play around with many musicians.

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June 20th 20:00 TivoliVredenburg CloudNine

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