Duurzaamheid en klimaat


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In this project, Kirsten Westerhuis and I try and show the viewer how much influence we actually have on nature. This project is in collaboration with the Flower Art museum located in Aalsmeer. We made a scale model of an overgrown city. If you walk around the model, you’ll discover QR codes hidden in the streets, which you can scan to be taken to a 360 degrees timelapse video to show how nature changed the location of where the QR code is. In this collaboration I made the entire scale model

Artist statement

I make my work based on the stories of others. Like an outsider watching, experiencing their stories second-hand to share this with the world. The real artist is the one who experiences it. I dont have the urge to change the world or society. The recurring theme in my work is trying to capture reality. No matter how pure, lovingly, passionate or sad that might be. Reality is already art.


My biggest ambition is to make people smile, even if it is for 2 seconds. I dont need, nor want, to be the center of attention. I want to help people tell stories, maybe by designing them into tattoos, or drawing portraits of the people involved.

Learned during the studies

How important it is to do what you actually want, even if people will stare at you a lil weird. In the end, the person that you have to convince most is yourself. Accept that some people wont like your work, and appreciate the people that do. Ask for constructive criticism, broaden your world views, and always keep wondering "Why".