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In the project ANTOXIC, I delve into the liberation from self-imposed constraints related to latex. This endeavor represents my personal odyssey as a visual artist, where I explore new approaches and innovative presentations.

To me, latex emanates versatility, fragility, strength, and femininity. I engage in various ways to harness this material, showcasing its graceful and vulnerable aspects, driven by my profound affection for it. My vulnerability finds expression through both my tears and my growth, which I subsequently integrate into my work.

ANTOXIC serves as a reflection of my own journey as a creator, alongside latex, where I hold a significant wellspring of inspiration.

I invite you into my archive, where I continuously unravel the multifaceted nature of latex. It is a realm where I capture my creative explorations and further develop the possibilities inherent in latex.

Artist statement

Within the realm of artistry, I am a versatile image creator and designer, embodying the guiding thread that gracefully weaves through every creative step.

With carefulness and an eye for detail, I approach subjects and materials, giving them new meaning. My own vulnerability forms the foundation for works infused with love.

Like an ocean of tears, I immerse myself in melancholy, within which I discover profound beauty and flourish. My creative projects take shape in harmony with the events of my life, intertwining to weave a captivating story of growth and transformation. Throughout my creative endeavours, there is always a fascination with taboos and psychology, which I twist and make discussable in my own unique way through the language of imagery. Images serve as my primary form of communication.I am constantly inspired by the images around me, weaving them together into alluring collages to start my projects.

As a maker, I work in harmony with my research and materials, enabling me to accomplish profound projects with reflection. I actively seek out collaborations that inspire me and offer mutual benefits, allowing me to grow and refine my skills as a creator.


While I still have much to discover on my future path, a passion drives me. My love for working with latex and images is undeniable.

The artistic magnificence of magazines deeply touches me and brings forth an unprecedented joy. A dream emerges: could I inspire others by starting my own magazine? Or perhaps create my own brand, allowing me to share fragments of my work with others? I feel a resolute urge to bring my artistic vision into the world.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, I learned a valuable lesson: it is perfectly okay to take more time. I allow myself the space to nurture my creativity and embrace vulnerability. Growth doesn't always come with comfort, and that's actually a positive thing.

Thanks to my personal development, I have evolved into the designer I am today. That precious extra time has introduced me to the enchanting material of latex, and I had the courage to experiment with it. It is in my vulnerability that I discover my inner strength.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- Kunstliefde januari 2022
- LUCY'S Magazine Vol. 60 design & styling
- Vanity Teen Magazine design & styling