Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

Animate objects

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In the project "Animate Objects," I give abandoned objects a new layer. The abundance of discarded belongings and the culture surrounding our interaction with everyday items evoked a sense of empathy in me. Despite being abandoned, I acknowledge their story and potential. This led to the desire to give these objects their own personality, consciousness, and interaction through a second layer.
I create a reality in which objects come to life and have a profound existence beyond their original functionality. This blurs the boundaries between the material and immaterial worlds, giving everyday objects a deeper meaning and vitality. This transformation transcends the limitations of reality and adds a new dimension to our relationship with the environment.
The second layer consists of ceramic elements that provide unique characteristics to the objects. These qualities embody the evolution of the objects that have come to life on their own. They remind us of the power of change and the potential that lies within everything. They invite us to look beyond the superficial and discover the hidden beauty and meaning in everyday things. The ceramics also symbolize the transformation of something once seen as worthless and neglected into something valuable and unique.
As an artist, working with ceramics has brought me a lot within this project. Learning this craft and dealing with a vulnerable material like clay have been enriching experiences as a multidisciplinary designer. Working with ceramics has shed light on how I position myself as a designer by exploring the boundary between wearability and art. This intersection between art and fashion compels viewers to interact with the objects in a different way. Previously non-fragile objects now need to be handled with care.

Artist statement

As a multidisciplinary designer, I constantly strive to challenge myself and explore new materials and techniques. This quest for growth and innovation is crucial in broadening my creative horizon and enriching my design practice. Within this quest I like to give myself the freedom to explore the space between fashion and art. By merging these together, I want to create works that are both wearable and visually striking, challenging viewers to perceive fashion and art in a new way.
Adopting a playful approach is essential in this journey as it helps me venture beyond my comfort zone and make unexpected discoveries. This playful mindset not only influences my design process but also shapes the way I approach complex subjects.
Through my designs, I want to tell relevant stories and aim to invite people to engage with complex themes in an open and playful manner. I believe that a lighthearted approach opens doors, breaks taboos, and encourages active involvement with my designs.
The combination of continuous self-challenge, exploration of new materials and techniques, and a playful approach to subjects forms the core of my design practice. I am drawn to the overlaps and interactions between disciplines, as I believe they provide a fertile ground for innovation and fresh perspectives.
Venturing into the borderlands between disciplines allows me to experiment with diverse techniques, materials, and concepts that may have been perceived as incompatible in the past. Through this approach, I continue to grow as a designer and remain motivated to embrace new challenges.


As a designer, I cherish the ambition to grant myself complete freedom within my craft in the future. Central to this is my commitment to continue experimenting and acquiring more skills across various disciplines. I am motivated to collaborate with designers from different fields, allowing me to leverage their knowledge and expertise and challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone. Through these collaborations, I hope to enhance my design abilities, explore new perspectives, and create innovative designs that arise from the convergence of diverse ways of thinking. Additionally, I aspire to increasingly find my role within that curious and playful mindset in the future.

Learned during the studies

During my education, I have learned several important skills and principles as a designer. Firstly, I have developed the ability to critically reflect on my work. This means being able to objectively evaluate my designs, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and considering different perspectives and interpretations.
I have also learned the importance of keeping thorough records of my research, sketches, samples, and thought process. This documentation helps me track my progress and effectively communicate my design decisions.
Conceptual thinking has also been emphasized in my education. I have learned to think beyond the surface level of a design and focus on the underlying ideas and principles. Moreover, I have been encouraged to never settle for the first result. Instead, I have learned to explore multiple possibilities since there is always room for improvement. The ability to handle criticism and feedback has been vital in my growth as a designer. Constructive criticism becomes a valuable resource for improvement and development.
Stepping outside my comfort zone has been strongly encouraged during my education. By embracing new challenges and venturing into unfamiliar territories, I have been able to expand my skills and creativity. This has guided me in finding my own unique style or "handwriting" as a designer. Through experimentation with techniques, mediums, and aesthetics, I have discovered and developed a personal artistic expression that reflects my vision and sensibilities.