Artistieke prestatie

An act of wayfaring

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By using three sorts of photographic machines. Satellite photos from the sky, publicly accessible LIDAR imagery to penetrate organic material like sonar and my photographic camera from the ground. I am tracing lines inscribed in the lands surface made by the movement of countless of feet of people and animals. These pathways formed in a reciprocal relationship with the hills, valleys and shifting sand that dedicated their movement.

Artist statement

In my writing I am greatly influenced by philosophy and especially the great existentialists and phenomenologists of the 19th en 20th century, resteling with questions about perception and meaning. When using photography, I have to deal with a reality of surfaces, how the world around looks when it is photographed and derive any thoughts or feelings from that.


I hope I can work together with other people in the creative practice because I think this creative endeavor is one of great importance for me but also in a broader sense for society. I hope I can help these artists and alike to articulate their ideas and concepts.
I strive to maintain a form of autonomy in printing and publishing my own work. Avoiding great expenses and gaining freedom of movement.
I have the ambition to broaden and intensify my freelance photographic work, because I love to collaborate and to work in the field.
I would love to teach, because I like to encourage people finding their way, I think it is important that they do. I feel the necessity to see the people around me grow.

Learned during the studies

I think the two greatest gift I have received while studying is time, time to study very wide ranging topics that at first sight had nothing to do with each other whatsoever.
and secondly the confidence of my tutors that eventually something would come together. Eventhough, I feel that I had nothing to support or have earned that confidence even once. I am grateful.