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All Hands on Deck Puzzle Design

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All Hands on Deck, is a game, where you play as a pair, act like one! This adventure requires co-operation. Combine and use various items together in this playful puzzle platformer.

Teamwork is essential, you are a pair of hands after all!

Reach out even further with two extendable arms.

Progress together.

Artist statement

My interest lies with Multiplayer / Co-op Design. How do I design fun and challenging gameplay for players? How do I get players excited? How do I design balanced dynamics between players?


Within 5 years I would like to establish a successful game studio or I would like to design for a small indie studio.

Learned during the studies

- Ask why questions, why have I made this choice and not this other option?
- Networking is essential! The more people you know, the more opportunities can cross your path.
- The importance of business development.