Zorg en welzijn

Adorn Fowl Wyom

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The riveting tale of a boy struggling through adversaties to attain his goals and discovering so much more about himself a long the way.

Artist statement

My practice focuses on the sequences and patterns we've been reading for centuries. I mainly make drawings based on own life and experiences and depict them as stories being told in sequences.


The goal I'd like to achieve with my practice is to put a smile on peoples faces and give the public something they can relate to using their own perspectives.

Learned during the studies

There are many important lessons I've taken to heart over the past few years, I think most important of all has to be not giving up even if I don't know how to continue. The crippling fear one can experience from the paralysis of seemingly having no good ideas is always a tough pill to swallow. The academy teaches us that no matter the odds we have to succeed, all you need is a shift in perspective or a change of pace. The most important lesson Fine Arts had to teach me is to look at every angle when faced with any obstacle.

Adorn Fowl Wyom

A fascination for escapism has led me down this path discovery. A road well traveled by many interested In a very popular form of media. What I uncover reveals truths about our history as a people and the information we've been consuming for centuries.