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A Tattooed Tapestry of the Self: An Interactive Performance on the Power of Self-Expression

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"Tattooed Tapestry" is an immersive artistic performance inspired by the cultural significance of tattoos. I translate participants' unique experiences and emotions into temporary tattoo designs that beautifully express their vulnerability. I aim to create authentic representations of identity and foster a sense of confidence in one's own skin. "Tattooed Tapestry" celebrates self-expression, human connection, and the rich tapestry of personal narratives through the art of tattooing.

While you may catch a fleeting glimpse through the curtains, true immersion in this artwork requires your presence. Unlock the transformative power of "Tattooed Tapestry" by securing your reservation* and venturing into an intimate dialogue with Jade.

Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast or seeking a profound artistic experience, "Tattooed Tapestry" offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with Jade Hermans and receive an extraordinary artwork that holds deep meaning for you. 

Rest assured, the tattoos created during the performance are temporary, allowing you to experience the beauty of body art without long-term commitment. If you're ready for a more permanent masterpiece, Jade is also available as a professional tattoo artist to bring your vision to life.

Click here to reserve a spot!

* Please note that there are only limited spots available for this extensive process. Each session requires time, attention, and care to ensure that your tattoo is a true reflection of your identity. Act quickly to secure your place in this extraordinary artistic journey.*

Artist statement

My quest for self-expression has led me to the art of tattooing. I see this intimate form of art, carried with you for a lifetime, as the perfect means to not only assert sovereignty over your own body and therefore strength but also to express yourself to the world and feel more seen. Through my organic hand drawn style, I seek a connection to emotions that are not rigid and streamlined. Additionally, tattooing has a certain meditative aspect where pain and silence alternate with laughter and storytelling. This truly fosters a connection with the self, and through art, I hope to assist others in finding themselves as I have found myself.


Over the course of five years, I envision establishing myself as a recognized tattoo artist with an authentic style that resonates with others. My goal is to join a tattoo shop where I feel completely at home, one that embraces and caters to neurodivergent and queer individuals, just like myself. Additionally, I aspire to work as a guest artist abroad, enabling me to connect with an array of extraordinary and inspiring individuals whom I can assist in decorating their skin with designs that bring them joy. Alongside my tattooing journey, I also see myself exploring opportunities in art direction for film, as I am passionate about collaborating and bringing artistic visions to life on the big screen.

Learned during the studies

During my 5 years at HKU, I have discovered the value of self-determination and crafting one's own vision. As a young teenager entering HKU, I had no idea of what or who I wanted to become. The freedom I was given to ask myself those questions and answer them in my own way has helped me understand myself much better now. I know how I like to work and in what ways I hardly function. Additionally, I have learned how much I can grow within a community of artists, and now I see how trusting others' skills in collaborations can lead to even better results that we can be truly proud of together. Throughout my studies, I have discovered what art means to me and how I bring my ideas to life, either independently or with the help of others.