Diversiteit en inclusiviteit
Zorg en welzijn
Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

A shiny promise

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Fear, anger and helplessness. Crisis upon crisis, suppressing the symptoms has become the solution.

Success, which seems to be defined by milestones like home ownership, a stable income and having kids. A shiny promise, which as I age, seems to be increasingly unattainable. A dream that seems more contingent every day.

Overwhelmed but not alone in that. We are travelling with an outdated map, whilst navigating a path filled with new obstacles. The beaten track, in theory easily travelled. In practice, not maintained well enough for new travellers.

In my work I research that beaten path, the new roadblocks and attempt to convey my feelings of anxiety. Perhaps people will feel seen in this overwhelming jumble, perhaps the people privileged enough not to relate will appreciate an insight in this anxiety.

Artist statement

The combination of attracting and repelling has always been interesting to me. My work consists of colorful and inviting images, only to find out on second look that what is depicted isn't all that beautiful after all. In my work I like to take a critical approach to the subject at hand, one that isn't sustainable without sprinkling in some humor. And perhaps make some people uncomfortable at times.

As an educator I approach art as a tool, a way to express or communicate something broader. A beautiful way to address issues, whether personal or societal. Which is why I will also be a licensed holistic art therapist soon after finishing my studies at the HKU. Another tool in my toolbox, in my effort to find and foster more mutual understanding in the world.


Within the following years I hope to have found a way to share the end product of my research with a broader group. To have found my own workspace and make a living doing what I enjoy most, art and helping people in a meaningful way.

I hope to be working for or with an organisation that focuses on making an impact on society. As for my art practice, I hope to have started a small business to sell the rugs I make and will continue my painting.

Learned during the studies

During my studies I found that art and art education is not the end of the road for me, I see it as a steppingstone towards making a positive contribution to society.

Van omstander naar verdediger

Op basis van mijn eindonderzoek, welke op verzoek beschikbaar is, heb ik een boekje samengesteld. Het doel van dit boekje is studenten en docenten samen aan de slag te zetten om een veilige sfeer te creëren in de klas. Een sfeer waarbij je erop kunt rekenen dat je klasgenoten en docenten ingrijpen wanneer je doelwit bent van ongewenst gedrag, hoe subtiel ook.

Art therapy course

In preparation for the work field I am currently getting certified as a holistic art therapist. After completing this course, which is accredited by 3 different international organisations, I hope to put this certification to good use.