Inclusie en diversiteit

A miscellaneous tribe

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A Miscellaneous tribe tells the story of 3 people with a multi racial background. Through interview and film I explore how they grew up and navigate through life. We focus on different perspectives of race in different countries and how it is to move to specifically The Netherlands as a person of mixed heritage.
In my work I compare my own background and upbringing to those of mixed people from different areas in the world. A miscellaneous mixture of many backgrounds and stories.
In doing so I put emphasis on the persons experience and their own view of themselves rather than the constant opinions of others on your race.

Artist statement

As an artist and art educator I work towards sharing untold narratives. I believe everybody has a story to tell yet not everybody’s story is told.
Through my work I give rise to these voices through short documentations of their life and heritage. Familiar faces for unfamiliar stories.
As a person with a biracial heritage I strive to work towards art education that puts representation and emancipation first and deconstructs the current art education system that shows too little of these narratives.
In working with film I am constantly challenged in telling someones story in respect of the storyteller, while visually supporting the narrative. In this playing field I find joy in experimenting and discovering new ways of telling stories.


In 5 years I hope to further grow as a filmmaker and get the opportunity to create with other artists, educators and story tellers. I want to continue creating inclusive art education for the younger generation of color that centrals around representation, decolonisation and emancipation.

Learned during the studies

During my studies I have learned to speak up, Initiate change and be more critical of my work.
Its okay to make your work personal and show your vulnerability through art. Even if your teacher says otherwise.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Vrijplaats bij Mij' groepsexpositie van Museum IJsselstein 2018

Bibliotheek Kanaleneiland take over groepsexpositie 2020

Onderdeel van Carvan collectie Pet van de Luijtgaarden

Kunst route: ON THE MOVE groepsexpositie 2021

PuberExpo: groepsexpositie FADE 2021

From southeast with love: groepsexpositie concertgebouw Amsterdam june 2022