Duurzaamheid en circulariteit


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'A Dissolving, A Return' is a work of two 3D animations, combined with a soundscape and spoken word. It portrays two opposing futures, Gaia & Etheria, in which we have stepped away from our human-centric worldview. 

Whereas Etheria is an act of moving forward, into an interconnected digital existence, Gaia is an act of remembering where we came from and returning to the larger ecosystem from which we've separated ourselves over time. 

With our current world at a turning point, we must change our destructive patterns collectively, and shift into an inclusive posthuman perspective, which may inspire us to take serious action together. 

Artist statement

Most of my work originates from a need to question and understand - whether it is a personal feeling or the set beliefs of the world around me. I’m always looking to broaden the borders of my perception and offer a new perspective to the viewer.

Whereas the visual medium often changes - language has always been a steady reappearing factor in my work. I love how written or spoken poetry can open a work up to multiple layers of interpretation.
My work is often quite abstract. I’m fascinated by the underlying beauty of abstract notions like silence, discomfort, and the afterlife. There is so much to learn and discover there. In the future, I hope to dive further into these topics, and create work that challenges set beliefs of myself and our current society.


Five years from now, I hope to have finished another bachelors in fine arts or creative writing. I would love to further cultivate my writing and combine it with my visual work. In general I would like to put my work out there and hope to immerse myself in the art scene, whether it be in the Netherlands or abroad.

Learned during the studies

At HKU I learned a lot about the creative process. I learned what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to cultivate them. I'm grateful for the knowledge and experiences that I can fall back on in the years to come.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

[2021] Speelveld, AG Utrecht
[2023] SOUL MIND LIFE SOUL, De Nijverheid Utrecht