Ander maatschappelijk thema

a beginning

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For my graduation project I am currently working on a video and sound installation.
Over the course of this last year at the academy, my work has been heavily influenced by the time I spend in my caravan.
One of the inspirations for this particular work was a line from a poem by Pat Schneider: “...And what is more generous than a window?”
This sentence touched me because I find a deep sense of peace looking out my caravan window - most of the time looking at a vast horizon with a wide open sky above it.

For this work I wanted to create a space in which one can have the space to breathe, look and sit for a moment. Let it all go and be not in the past or the future, but just right here and now.

Artist statement

Over the course of building my artistic practice, I have formed my art to be a hand to hold: my work has always been a place of feeling, thinking, reflection, and philosophising, about the world around me and also the world within me.
I wish to document the moments that have shaped me and led me to where I am today.
I move through different mediums with a watchful eye - always trying to find the right way to express the right thing. Through drawings, collages, poetry, books, performances, installations, videoworks, photography, and soundscapes, various subjects have throughout the years appeared in many different shapes and forms.


Most recently my work is inspired by living in my caravan for the past two years.
I feel deeply connected to the grandness of the sky and the vastness of the horizon. Fascinated by the idea of making something that could resemble a nothingness that is spacious, like an ether or a void, I created a time-based immersive installation that consists of video and sound for my graduating project.


I will be continuing to grow

Learned during the studies

To be honest, vulnerable, and proud.
To always follow my intuition and trust that it will show me exactly what I need to learn to see.

the air that i breathe is the same air that moves a cloud

Following the red threat that ties it all together, in this book I explore, philosophize and retrace the steps, the moments that have shaped me and led me to where I am today. Forever growing, this book has become a poetic documentation of a moment in time.