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A work I wrote for choir, organ, percussion and electronics.
The creation of this work is part of my research into using formulae as a compositional tool.
Geluidsopname van een uitvoering van 'a-a-a' in de Nicolaïkerk.

Artist statement

Mick is a composer and sound artist based in Utrecht, specializing in the use of algorithms and innovative techniques to create captivating experimental pieces. His work blends sound design, creative coding, and music theory. In addition to his solo projects, Mick has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including visual artists and fellow composers.


In the coming years, I will continue to experiment with audio and collaborate with even more creatives.

Learned during the studies

One of the most significant lessons was the value of collaboration. Working with peers from different backgrounds and disciplines taught me how to communicate effectively and blend diverse perspectives into cohesive projects.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Parra JR. (Feb. ’22): Theater piece for Dutch youth

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Overhoop (Apr. ’22): Theater piece for Dutch youth

Abandoned building in Den Dolder, ZENDER:KAMERS (Jan. '23): Exposition of a range of audiovisual compositions, in collaboration with Noor Boiten and Esther Coorevits.

Joods Cultureel Kwartier, opening of the Sol LeWitt exposition (Nov. '23): Live performance, in collaboration with Joris van de Sande.

Nicolaïkerk, Elive (Feb '24): Performance of 'a-a-a', a piece for choir, organ, percussion and electronics.

Bibliotheek Neude, Ode aan de Luidruchtige stad (April '24): Performance of ‘Cirkels & Hoeken’, a piece for brass instruments and electronics

Nijverheid, Modulation (June 16, ’24): Solo live performance with modular synths.