Pepijn Kok - VR gameplay and mechanics developer

pepijn kok
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Game Development:
VR Gameplay programmer


    If(CheckSurrounding() == Mood.Mad){
    } else if(CheckSurrounding() == Mood.KindaIntoIt){
class Pepijn {

This is basically all i do when I find a new system to mess with. (Even though this isn't a system, but the statement is still true)


Hey! I'm Pepijn, and I like VR, 3d Art, 2d Art, Animation, building Gundam, and making fun of random stuff or on random occations!

Here's a quote I think about every day: WARNING!!! VERY DEEP CONTENT!!!!


Don't worry about this page, it's all over the place and i love it! The main reason for this page is to showcase myself so you can see the madman that worked on a unity tool for about a week, and after that got stuck perfecting a nonexistent problem.

So anyway, find my portfolio, there's more info there, or find my project: The VR GESTURE RECOGNIZER, or as i like to call it, my personal nightmare! (Trust me, it's hard trying to get a Neural Network to do what you want)

Ye, have a nice day, and don't forget to come back for any more shit ideas of mine! I'd love to show you my shit collection!

Coundown till i've lost all my SANITY