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KabouterLore: Alver's Grim

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Kabouterlore is a grim 3D stealth adventure game where we put the player in the shoes of a small lonely kabouter who is forced out of his home by a predator.
With no means to fight back, they must outsmart the predator, find out what happened to their family and work up the courage to step out of the once safe bounds of their home.
The player can make use of their environment and small size to hide and avoid being caught by the predator, but can also take advantage of the predators strength by using bait to trick them into freeing up the way.

The goal of my project is to change the view of the Dutch Kabouters/Gnomes to one that makes them interesting again for Dutch young-adults who grew up with stories about them. I do this by creating a grim level with props fitting the unique small point of view of a kabouter and environmental storytelling, telling the beginnings of a story about loneliness, courage and loss.

Artist statement

As a 3D artist I specialise in 3D props and assets, but I consider myself to be a 3D generalist.
I have a passion for nature, creatures/animals, folklore and mythology and I use these inspirations to make (semi-) realistic models and assets. With my work I try to focus on the emotion, story and overall experience, often learning new methods and skills in order to create the context needed to tell the story and create a more meaningful experience.


My ambition is to grow my skill in 3D prop/asset production, to explore the broad directions within this field and to delve into creature and bigger prop modelling as my greatest interest lies in 3D sculpting of organic shapes.
To nurture this skillset, I plan to delve further into 3D printing and modelling.
In 5 years I hope to work as a 3d generalist or 3D prop/asset artist for a living at a game company.
In the further future I hope to become a confident 3D artist contributing to the making of storytelling games and meaningful experiences.

Learned during the studies

During my studies I have learned that community and communication are very important. For a steady process, motivation and to help you grow as an artist. It's also important to keep an eye on advancing technology and try out new tools and workflows.
I may not be a 2D artist, but as a 3D artist it's important to be able to communicate and iterate ideas in 2D as well. I have learned to use fineliner and red ball pen and also photobashing and digital painting, for my own concept process. There is more then one way so try different techniques out and see what works best for your process.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I worked on a fan made cinematic based on 1920+ by jakub rozalski/ Iron Harvest as a 3D generalist intern at Janovich.
The cinematic can be watched here: